Get funded using the credit strength of your customers!

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What is Factoring?

Factoring is:

  •  Accounts receivable factoring, or invoice factoring, is a purchase of your receivables for cash flow.
  • One of the most powerful financial tools available to small and mid-size business.
  • Especially true for young businesses in the start-up phase where more typical sources of working capital are denied by traditional lenders.
  • Allows entrepreneurs the ability to separate themselves from their competition and truly grow their small and mid-size businesses at exponential rates.

What can factoring do for my business?

  • Quick access to cash: improves cash flow & frees up working capital.
  • Does not depend on the credit worthiness of your company or business. This is because the principal is only interested in the credit worth of the customers. This is attractive for new businesses that may not access financing for example bank loans.
  • Collateral is only receivables; the rest of the company’s property may be used for other borrowing.
  • It is a flexible form of funding
  • It saves on time as the factoring company is responsible for collection of receivables.  Factoring may help in protecting a company’s credit rating as it is able to provide cash to meet payments on time.

What is Purchase Order Finance?

Purchase Order Finance or “PO Funding” can be one of the more difficult types of commercial finance to secure for fast growing businesses.  Factors, however, routinely provide some amount of purchase order finance as “pre-ship” invoice financing or companies that specialize in that transaction.

To qualify for purchase order financing your business generally must:

  • Establish a factoring relationship.

  • Not re-packaging or creating an inventory with the product.
  • Have an established and acceptable credit history.

  • Funding orders of significant size ($100,000 and larger).

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