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Secure financing:  The great thing about commercial loans is that the strength of the business is “KING”!  Please do not get it wrong, personal credit is important.  Often a strong business helps make business lending happen.  Let’s talk about how this can happen for you.

CLICK HERE to contact us,  you may also call or email.  We do not facilitate the buy/sell; we leave that to the professionals.  We help with the financing only.  If you need to be connected with a business broker to help with the process we can certainly connect you with someone fantastic.

  • Have you thought about buying a business?
  •  Are you unemployed and looking for something new or better in your life?

We  know jobs can be tough to come by these days.  More people are looking at being self employed to provide for themselves and their families.  This is a real  and viable option.

  • Do you own a business?
  • Have you thought about selling your business?
  • Thought about retiring or just retiring from your current business?
  • Want to move on to something else?

There are professionals who can help you make this happen.  Below you will see the steps to the process of selling your business.  Just like real estate professionals are vital to the success to the sale of a home.

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Review the steps to sell/buy your business!

1.  Preparing your business for sale.

2.  Preliminary estimate of business value.

3.  Business appraisal, valuation.

4.  Positioning and presenting the business for sale.

5.  Marketing your business.

6.  Negotiating to close.  Is this something you want or can do yourself?

CLICK HERE to learn about how I can help with financing so you can sell or buy your business!

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